Warzone streamer Nadia under fire for making LGTBQ+ joke in recent TikTok

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Warzone streamer Nadia has found herself in the center of more controversy after she posted a video on TikTok seemingly making fun of the LGBTQ+ community for not being accurate shooters in the Call of Duty Battle Royale.

Popular Warzone streamer Nadia has made a name for herself on the social media platform TikTok for her videos. She often calls herself the best female Warzone player and includes clips of her matches and impressive kill streaks. However, she found herself in the middle of a major controversy when she started gaining popularity, with many calling her out for using aimbot assist.

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While people still throw these accusations around, this line of questioning has become a longstanding joke for the streamer, one she now uses to her advantage.

However, in a recent TikTok video, the content creator found herself in the midst of a very different line of controversy. 

Nadia called out for recent TikTok making fun of LGBTQ+ community

Nadia went through and explained, in her eyes, how each different type of Call of Duty player shoots. She first started off with causal gamers, including a clip of her shooting at a target slowly and missing shots occasionally.

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She then explained how she shoots, the clip rolling to her hitting each target with pinpoint precision and at a fast pace. 

However, she then decided to make fun of the way the “LGBTQ community shoots” by including footage of her firing off bullets randomly and missing each target completely. Joking that they cannot shoot straight because they are queer. She captioned the TikTok “Am I wrong?”

Following this video, Nadia has been slammed by fellow TikTok users and streamers for seemingly insinuating that members of the LGBTQ+ community are not good at Warzone. One TikTok user in the comments section of the video wrote: “What is this take?” Another added, “me when I fell off and need views.”

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Nadia replies amid LGBTQ+ controversy

Nadia has been quick to respond to the controversy, addressing it on a new Twitch stream as well as responding via TikTok.

In her Twitch stream aptly titled “I got canceled”, Nadia expressed her frustration at how viewers have been calling her out for the TikTok. ” Y’all hate me so much because I’m a girl. It’s the truth,” began Nadia. She then said that she’s “never seen a bigger witch-hunt than mine” and that “people find anything. This is the second time I got canceled.

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The first time I got canceled was because I doxed someone. We’re gonna cancel the person who said their first and last name? We’re gonna protect the people who hate on others but not the ones who protect themselves?”

In particular, Nadia called out fellow TikToker Noah Glenn Carter for duetting her initial video and calling her out for the joke.

She responded by creating a new TikTok video adding to his response. After his clip plays through, it then cuts back to Nadia saying “how can I be homophobic if my uncle’s dog is gay? Plus, ask your girlfriend how my lips taste.” She then pans the camera to a clip of her kissing another woman.

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