Warzone streamer hits the “world’s first” plane seat-swap snipe

fighter planes flying in warzone pacificRaven Software

Caldera has officially replaced Verdansk and players are already starting to pull off crazy clips in Warzone Pacific. NRG Isaac AKA IceManIsaac showed off a dirty clip from the new map in which he swapped seats in a plane, heading for the ground, landed a tasty headshot, and managed to regain control of the plane.

It seemed like the day would never come, but it has – Verdansk is no more. Warzone’s first-ever map has departed, and Caldera is now the home of Warzone Pacific for the foreseeable future. This does mean that it’s time for new clips, stories, and things to find.

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This already seems to be the case as NRG’s own IceManIsaac shared a clip to his Twitter account on December 7 showing off a crazy bit of footage.

POI in Warzone Pacific's Caldera mapActivision
A whole new world of opportunities and possibilities has been opened with Caldera.

Isaac has nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and is a competitor for NRG. He was also chosen to take part in the early content creator look at Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map, which arrives for Vanguard owners on December 8, and all players on December 9.

In his new clip, he described the play he pulled off as “The first fighter plane seat swap headshot snipe on the new map.” Now, it must be prefixed by saying that the action took place in the pre-match lobby. Regardless, it still looked cool.

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Isaac angled his fighter plane to head straight for Caldera, quickly swapped from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, and landed an inch-perfect Kar98k shot.

IceManIsaac was understandably pumped after scoring the kill, he switched back to the pilot’s seat, pulled the plane up, and flew away in style.

He yelled: “Let’s go! Oh my god. Sorry, that was sick!” We expect this to be the start of Caldera clips as players uncover ways to pull off ridiculous plays on the new map.

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