Warzone streamer gets insane win playing LEGO Star Wars at the same time

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Twitch streamer are constantly figuring out innovative ways to entertain their viewers, but one person has taken it to the next level as they picked up an epic Warzone victory, while also playing Lego Star Wars at the same time.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most streamed games on all of Twitch. You probably have seen the likes of NICKMERCS, Aydan, or JGOD capture win after win on the game.

However, have you ever seen someone stream the BR while also playing LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on their other monitor. Well, that has happened on Twitch and it delivered some legendary moments.

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Streamer wins Warzone game while playing LEGO Star Wars

The streamer, itsHunterTV, is the self-proclaimed “number 1 Call of Duty athlete” in the world and he put on a display of talent during a April 7 broadcast.

As seen from his Twitter clip, Hunter was grinding multiple games as once. Since Warzone can be a little campy, he decided to pass his time and dive into LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. During his Warzone game, he was one of the last players alive, but was also in the middle of the Death Star mission in Star Wars.

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So he does what any normal person would do. He tabs back into Warzone and starts firing at the last player. Once he gets him weak enough he switched back to Star Wars and said, “I’ll let the gas kill him, I got to focus.”

Hunted would win the game and go on the complete the mission that he was working on. That’s not all though, as the remainder of his stream was filled with the dual-game action.

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He would go on to the exact same thing later, as Hunter picked up another victory and shouted, “alright y’all back to LEGO STAR WARS!!!”

While this probably won’t become the streaming meta on Twitch, it has certainly raised the bar as other people may be trying to match Hunter’s multitasking skills in the future.

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