Warzone streamer Fifakill “terrified” after ZLaner drama in JGOD $100k tournament

fifakill warzone streamerQuadrant/Activision

Warzone streamer Fifakill posted a lengthy statement on Twitter saying that he’s “terrified” for his career after a big bust-up with ZLaner and Destroy in JGOD’s $100k Warzone tournament.

The tournament started fine but unraveled in their third match, with FIfakill and duo Jukeyz facing off against new FaZe Clan recruit Kalei. Despite winning, the match was reset due to Kalei dying to a hacker in the game, and the map had to be replayed.

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Fifakill recently signed to F1 driver Lando Norris’ org Quadrant, and things seemed to be looking up, but what happened after this match has left him seriously concerned.

He and Jukeyz were suspicious that they were facing hackers during their match against ZLaner and Destroy — and things went seriously downhill. They knew that the ruling states that matches should be reset immediately after an issue, but then the situation got a bit murky.

In their match, Fifa thought they were facing off against a hacker but didn’t want to go back and check the clip in case they weren’t hacking and lost valuable game time. Nine minutes later, the clip is checked and the hacking is confirmed — leaving Destroy and ZLaner frustrated as they were 12 kills up.

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Then things kicked off. With the Kalei situation still in their minds, Jukeyz wanted a reset with a 5-kill deficit, while Zlaner and Destroy wanted the full 12-kill lead. In the clip, Destroy claims to hear Fifa say “We can play the game out and if we lose we can call it, it’s all good.”

ZLaner then suggests that they should get the EU duo forfeited for it, and everything spirals out of control.

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While original plans were to reset the match, Fifa didn’t speak to admins and stopped playing entirely, essentially forfeiting the remainder of the tournament.

He then posted a long statement on Twitter, saying that he “feels like he’s lost everything” and he’s “terrified of what the fall out will be” to the drama.

Answering Fifa’s fear that Jukeyz may not want to continue playing with him, the Royal Ravens streamer confirmed that “of course” they’re continuing.

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A lot of fans have come out in support of Fifakill, who is clearly struggling as a result of the tournament and the stream.

What actually happens from here on out, though, remains to be seen.

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