Warzone streamer FaZe Swagg reveals insane figure his hands are insured for

Jacob Hale
FaZe Swagg sitting with Warzone logo in corner
YouTube: Swagg/Activision

Call of Duty streamer Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson has revealed that his hands are insured for an absolutely insane amount, as one of the most successful creators on YouTube and Twitch and a dominant force in battle royale title Warzone.

Swagg often falls into the content creator category rather than ‘pro’ because he’s spent the better part of the last decade creating on YouTube and Twitch.

That said, he’s also a supremely good Warzone player, one of the highest tournament earners in the game, and due to those things combined, he’s seen himself shoot to gaming superstardom.

He’s earning a pretty penny from being one of the best Call of Duty players in the world, and as such, decided to insure his hands — and the return he would have is an absolutely eye-watering amount.

Swagg Warzone skin
FaZe Clan
Swagg is one of the biggest names in Warzone.

In his appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast, Swagg spoke about his career and how he came to be one of Warzone’s finest, before slipping in that his hands are actually insured for a whopping $7m.

After talking about hand injuries that could occur as long-time players, Swagg said: “I haven’t experienced anything as far as my hands. I have them insured, by the way.”

When a shocked Martyn said how “sick” it was that he had his hands insured, he went on to ask how much money Swagg would get if he “destroyed his hand.” Swagg said that he got the insurance a couple of years ago and he’d get around $7 million.

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When getting insured, things like income and possessions are taken into account, so this is a pretty good indication of just how much Swagg is making — or, rather, how much he would lose if he became unable to use his hands.

While they joked about destroying his hands for the money, Swagg will no doubt be able to make even more in the coming years through his content, but it’s definitely an eye-opener in terms of the success of these top players and streamers.