Warzone streamer comes up with absurd idea to replace skill-based matchmaking

Warzone Season 4 gameplay.Activision

Warzone streamer tdawgsmitty proposed a silly idea to replace skill-based matchmaking that he believes might make it easier for the older generation to avoid their younger, more cracked counterparts.

There’s a common sentiment in the Call of Duty scene, and Warzone particularly, that younger players are responsible for matches that feel ultra-competitive and are full of slide-cancels, ‘YY’s, and every other feature attributed with being skillful.

That idea is what led Boston Breach’s tdawgsmitty to a new system that he he joked could fully replace SBMM and get players of the franchise back on equal footing.

Warzone streamer’s unhinged SBMM replacement

smitty’s plan would see skill-based removed from the game entirely and instead be adapted into an age-based matchmaking system.

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In his pitch, he joked that this would separate the 30-year-olds who are just trying to sit back and relax from the “16-year-old TikTok, YY demons” who are trying their hardest.

Of course, the joke here is that smitty is an incredibly talented player who uses all of those same signature moves to befuddle and outplay Warzone enemies in every single lobby, all while either streaming or uploading the clips to TikTok as well. There’s a reason that he is signed to a professional CDL team after all.

Many players are genuinely ready for tweaks to the skill-based matchmaking system as it currently exists in CoD, but this idea is just a streamer poking a little bit of fun at the members of the community who have found it hard to keep up with the current talent level across the board.

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Also, if those changes do eventually come, it doesn’t look to be happening in Modern Warfare 2. There hasn’t been enough Warzone 2 gameplay to judge it by, but the smart money is on the matchmaking system sticking around for the long-haul.

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