Warzone streamer claims OG MP5 loadout is now the game’s “fastest TTK” SMG

Warzone streamer claims OG MP5 loadout is now the game's "fastest TTK" SMGActivision

The Call of Duty Warzone meta is always shifting around as new loadouts are discovered. While the close-range meta has been dominated by the OTs 9, Warzone streamer Rallied is claiming the Modern Warfare MP5 is the best SMG as it has the lowest TTK.

Following multiple updates throughout Season 5, players have been swapping around from three SMGs to figure out which is best.

Although the OTs 9, MAC-10, and Bullfrog have been the main three submachine guns this season, it appears that a new SMG is looking to reclaim its throne.

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In his latest YouTube video, Warzone content creator Rallied reveals new data that proves the OG MP5 has the fastest TTK in the game.

Warzone MW MP5 “fastest TTK” loadout

The MP5 is one of the original go-to weapons for players in Verdansk, as it has very consistent damage and range. Earlier this season players were extremely upset when the Modern Warfare MP5 received a nerf.

Players argued that the devs were doing this on purpose just so the Cold War weapons could pop up in the meta. But, despite these nerfs, it seems that the MW MP5 is back in the mix of viable Warzone SMGs.

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Rallied OG MP5 Fastest TTKYouTube, Rallied
Rallied reveals the MW MP5 loadout that gives it the fastest TTK.

As seen in the picture above, Rallied shows the attachments you need to get the fastest TTK for this gun.

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Stock: FTAC Collapsible
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mags

Rallied decides to pair up the FTAC Collapsible stock and Operator Foregrip. The stock on this weapon allows for higher ADS speed and more movement speed which is essential on a submachine gun. The grip gives the gun an insane amount of recoil control, allowing you to melt opponents.

Now when comparing this MP5 to the OTs 9, the MP5 comes out on top with the better TTK. Rallied used this chart below from TrueGameData, and you can see exactly how the MP5 is outperforming the OTs.

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TTK MP5TrueGameData
This TTK chart shows the MP5 outperforming the OTs in nearly every range.

The OTs has been considered the meta weapon for a few updates so it is kind of shocking to see a different SMG with better statistics. The only distance where the OTs is better, technically, is when firing at around 20 meters.

So if you’re looking to go back to the roots of Warzone then you might want to give this MP5 loadout a spin, as its TTK could make it the new meta weapon — if you can control it.

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