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Warzone streamer BobbyPoff becomes ‘the Human Anti-Cheat’ to counter speed hackers

Published: 14/Sep/2021 20:52

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone players are no strangers to cheaters and some are taking matters into their own hands. In a high-octane clip, Twitch streamer BobbyPoff showed how to become the Human Anti-Cheat and deliver justice to speed hackers.

The typical Warzone hacks are annoying, whether they be aimbots or ESP (extrasensory perception cheats, aka walls). But the newcomer, a speed or teleportation hack, is even more of a nightmare.

But, if you’re fortunate enough to have BobbyPoff in your lobby, then fear not. The streamer and renowned hacker hater found a speed cheater, and proceeded to show off the best way to counter them.


Now, thanks to “Big Bob and the Carbon Fiber Bumper of Justice,” we all know what needs to be done if you run into teleporting cheaters in Verdansk.

First things first, like a point guard in basketball, you need court vision to counter a speed hacker. And that’s how Bob’s delivery of justice begins, by spotting the hacker and formulating a plan of action.

As far as the plan of action, as you can see in the clip — it’s a fairly simple one: run the hacker over.

But there’s some nuance to that plan, and Mr. Poff shows how it’s done at the highest level. The streamer is in a “Big Bertha” (also known as a Cargo Truck), which is harder to be shot out of. He then eyes the cheater’s trajectory and changes his truck’s path to line up, allowing him to catch up and smush the suspect.


Warzone truck gameplay
Big Berthas are maybe the greatest weapon in Warzone.

And Bobby tops it all off with a premium cherry on top, letting people know what he’s accomplished: “Let’s f**king go, justice has been served! … Justice has been served in Verdansk tonight you s**t stain. Nothing can stop Big Bob and Bertha, I’ll see you guys on the f**king moon.”

So there you have it. If you suspect there’s a speed hacker in your lobby, find the nearest Bertha and get to work. Until the anti-cheat comes out, it’s on us to clean up Verdansk’s s**t stains.