Warzone streamer accused of hacking after ex-partner exposes secret routine

Alec Mullins
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A popular Warzone streamer and content creator has come under the community’s spotlight after being accused of cheating by their ex. 

SideLogic is a streamer from the Oceanic region who has racked up a considerable 143k followers on Twitch and over 2.1 million on TikTok.

He’s best known for hitting ridiculous trickshots all across Warzone, but if what his former partner says is true then there may be more than meets the eye to his success.

SideLogic accused of hacking in Warzone

Storage Town in Caldera with Warzone Pacific logo
Cheating is always a hot topic in the Warzone scene and this situation is catching a lot of attention.

In a Twitter thread, Velixray dropped a huge thread documenting a ton of ways that a streamer could attempt to hide the fact that they were cheating from a live audience.

Whether through offline grinding of killing AFK players at the end of the initial dropship flight path or by occasionally playing with no added assistance, there’s no shortage of practical ideas that might not stick out to the average viewer.

The eighteen-tweet exposè asserts that by having sturdy excuses for suspicious activities — like hosting regular custom lobbies and using the friends limit as an excuse to always be creating new accounts —someone could get away without too much scrutiny.

After the community took notice of these allegations, SideLogic acknowledged their existence and promised to address them before long.

“There’s always two sides to a story and I will speak my side soon,” he said.

Even after the launch of the Ricochet anti-cheat system, hacks remain a major problem in the Warzone scene, so eyes from around the wolrd will likely be glued to this situation until it’s resolved.