Warzone stream snipers haunt Summit1g with CSGO Molotov fail flashback

Bill Cooney
Infinity Ward/Summit1g

A group of Warzone players decided to troll star Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar before dropping into the map by bringing up one of his darkest days from when he competed in CS:GO.

Like a lot of other Twitch streamers, Summit has been giving Call of Duty’s new Warzone battle royale a go on stream since it came out on March 10.

While he was waiting to drop in with Ninja, a group of players decided to give the former CSGO player some unpleasant flashbacks to the most infamous moment of his semi-pro career.


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During a match against CLG at Dreamhack Austin 2016, Summit was the last member of Splyce remaining on Train, when he pulled off an impressive 1v1 to win the round. His celebration was short-lived though, because just after the kill he ran though a burning Molotov and eliminated himself, losing his gun for the next round.

To poke fun at the streamer and possibly in an attempt to psyche him out before the round even began, it seems like everyone in the plane used the “Molotov” voice line at the same time.

“What the f*ck? Why’d everyone say Molotov?” Summit asked, looking very confused. “Are all your guys saying Molotov over and over again? Hello?”


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Summit asked Ninja if he had also heard everyone saying “Molotov” in the plane, but never bring one to give up a good joke, the Fortnite star actually played along with the stream snipers.

“Are we in the same game?” Summit asked Ninja, who confirmed they were. “Your guys just didn’t say ‘Molotov’ at the same time?”

“Listen dude, I know the experience was traumatic Jaryd,” Ninja told his teammate. “But I didn’t think it was this bad.”

Summit1g, Twitch / Ninja, Mixer
Summit is competing in 100Thieves $100,000 Warzone tourney on March 20, but his teammate Ninja won’t be there.

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Hopefully, Summit was able to fully recover from the troll before he started participating in 100Thieves $100,000 Warzone tournament on March 20.

However well he ends up doing, the streamer will definitely be on the lookout for Molotov cocktails, especially considering they’ve already given him trouble in the new battle royale.