Warzone Stim Shot exploit allows players to escape executions

Stim shot in WarzoneActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone fans applauded the Stim Shot buff that came with the Pacific update back in Season 1. But a new bug has been discovered that seems to give Stim shots an additional effect.

Arriving back in December 2021, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1, the Stim Shots received a buff that gave players a temporary speed boost along with health regeneration.

Abusing the speed boost became the name of the game as veteran members of the community used the item to take their mobility to new heights, super-sliding around corners as they got the drop on their enemies at blinding speeds.

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Flashforward to April 2022, a player has seemingly discovered a Stim Shot exploit that takes advantage of the item’s mobility-enhancing qualities.

Executions in WarzoneActivision
Executions are known to lock both players involved in an animation. But the Stim shot can seemingly glitch the player out of the animation.

Warzone player discovers Stim Shot exploit that allows players to escape executions

Redditor SilentEnigma09 posted a video highlighting the intriguing exploit on April 26, 2022.

In the video posted to Reddit, the player can be seen showcasing the new find through a dual-screen capturing from the perspective of his character and an enemy attempting to utilize their execution.

As soon as the enemy begins their finisher’s animation, SilentEnigma09 immediately uses a Stim Shot on themselves, interrupting the execution and allowing his character to avoid being killed.

From what is being shown in the video, this exploit would require an excellent sense of timing to properly pull it off, as the Stim Shot animation seemingly cancels out the finisher’s animation.

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Reveling in his discovery, the Redditor captioned the video “you can escape executions using Stims,” as the strangeness of the exploit played through the 43-second clip.

Other Reddit users commented on the exciting discovery as one person said: “I literally have been trying to figure out how a guy got out of being executed recently. Thanks for sharing this find.”

Another person, less optimistic about the Stim Shot’s bug, commented on the unrealistic timing of the exploit, saying: “So you have to do it right before you know you’re going to be executed. Okay sure”

It’ll be interesting to know whether this was an unintentional side-effect of the Stim Shot getting a buff back in the December 2021 patch or if this is unrelated entirely.

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