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Warzone stat tracker shows if you’re getting better or worse

Published: 30/Jan/2021 12:15

by Joe Craven


A new Warzone website allows you to view and track your stats in a host of different ways, to see if you’re making progress in Call of Duty’s battle royale.

Warzone players have long been calling on Activision to improve the in-game stats and kill records. This is alongside calls for an exhaustive anti-cheat system and to tone down skill-based matchmaking.

However, many have found Activision’s silence frustrating, as well as their efforts to inhibit players learning about the lobbies they are in.

As such, many third parties have founded websites that specifically focus on providing Warzone players with stats and data relating to their own gameplay.


Warzone 75 million players
Warzone has had over 75 million players

One of these is WZranked.com, a site specifically designed to let users track their stats and win percentages over time. This enables players to easily see which way their skills are going – whether you’re improving or worsening.

Not only does it show you statistics behind regular matches, but it also allows you to view your Gulag win ratios. These are then mapped out onto graphs to allows you to see rises and falls over time.

For example, when Gulag weapons are changed you might see a drop in your skills, indicating you were better suited to the previous weapon selection.


WZRanked Website Graphs
Stats also show you how your skills have changed across seasons.

How to use WZRanked

Signing up is pretty simple. Head over to the website’s home page and enter your BattleNet, Playstation or Xbox ID. Here, you have to enter your full username, with # and any numbers.

Warzone WZRanked Sign Up
Ensure you select the right platform.

Once this is done, you should be able to hit search and find your stats. However, Activision’s recent changes mean you will have to opt in to make your stats public. This allows websites like WZRanked to get hold of them and show you them in all their glory.

To do this, go to my.callofduty.com or go through the Call of Duty companion app. Activision made this change to reduce the prevalence of players leaving lobbies upon realizing they were in amongst immensely tough opponents.


It really is that simple. Once all that’s done, enjoy looking at your stats and working out what you’ve been doing right (or wrong).