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Call of Duty

Warzone star ZLaner shows off the most absurd jump spot in Verdansk

Published: 30/Jul/2021 17:10

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone has been around for over a year now and the game’s biggest grinders are still discovering new tricks. Case in point, ZLaner showed off what might be the wildest jump spot in the game.

Warzone has a lot of nifty jump and mantle spots that can be used to gain high ground or flank enemies. Most of these jump techs involve surprisingly scalable structures and the like. But, of those structures, very few are lampposts. 

But Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane, one of Warzone’s biggest streamers and most consistent grinders, saw a video of a lamp-enabled jump that seemed too good to be true. Then he tried it out on stream and, not only is it real, but it has some deadly potential.


Located in the heart of the busiest part of Verdansk, the maneuver can be performed to get into the police department (“PD”) next to Superstore. It’s essentially two parachute-jumps and a skip in one… and it’s easier to watch than to explain (or, presumably, pull off).

As you can see in Z’s video, by getting to the upper-rightmost ledge facing PD, you can parachute onto one lamppost, skip to the next, and parachute into the top window of PD. It takes a total of about three seconds and is a guaranteed way to surprise enemies.

Z gets in and quickly surprises the pants off a bad guy before showing off and taking out their teammate with a quick snipe.


In the end, ZLaner is almost delightfully surprised by the jump as his viewers presumably were. In the beginning, he refers to it as “the jump” — because he learned it from someone he was quick to credit on Twitter.

Knight, or GorgoKnight on Twitter, is apparently the originator of this jump. And, as someone more experienced in its ways, they’re able to pull the entire thing off in about two seconds. That’s a very fast, very confusing way to flank from an angle that’s normally impossible to reach.

While this jump is cool and has rightfully shocked many in the Warzone community, it also raises a question: are there more weird objects that can be used for parachute-jump tricks?


Only time will tell if more jump spots continue emerging. But that’s okay, most of us probably need time to practice this one first.