Warzone star Swagg literally tattoos devs on his butt to celebrate loadout change

. 5 months ago
Instagram: swagg / Twitter: Repullze / Raven Software

FaZe Clan’s own Warzone superstar Swagg just followed through on his promise. After pleading with Raven Software to revert Season 1 loadout drop changes, he now has a permanent tattoo on his butt.

When Warzone made the jump to Caldera with the Season 1 update, loadouts changed in a big way. No longer could players drop in, grab some cash, and call in a loadout right away. Instead, there was a new delay to slow things down.

This was quickly labeled an “L” with everyone from JGOD to Dr Disrespect demanding it be reverted. Though Swagg took things to a new level in January after weeks of silence from the developers.

The Warzone streamer was fed up and pledged to get a tattoo of the Raven Software logo if loadout drops changed back to how they once were. Well, it took a few weeks but that change finally arrived on February 3 and Swagg was quick to follow through on his promise.

“I never [cap]” Swagg tweeted with a picture revealing the new ink on his cheeks. Just hours after the Warzone update and the FaZe Clan member was left with a permanent mark.

Raven Software is now etched into his skin close to where the sun doesn’t shine. Rest assured, it’s not a temporary job either. This is the work of a real tattoo artist; fellow streamer Repullze shared a behind-the-scenes look to confirm its authenticity.

Shocking the entire Warzone community, the post quickly went viral. Thousands saw the image right away as Call of Duty socials spread the news. “A (cheeky) man of his word,” the official CoD Twitter account replied.

Not only did they share the tattoo, but Raven Software even changed it to their profile picture on Twitter to mark the hilarious occasion.

Raven Software Swagg profile picture
Twitter: RavenSoftware
Swagg’s tattoo took over the Raven Software socials.

Although it was months in the making, Swagg quite literally backed up his promise in just a matter of hours.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen high-profile gaming celebs left with permanent marks. In fact, we’re almost at the one-year anniversary of Nadeshot’s famous tattoo wager with Froste. Only time will tell who the next victim of the trend might be.

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