Warzone star JoeWo slams hack accusers for unnecessary ‘harassment’

Twitch: JoeWo

Warzone pro JoeWo has put his foot down against hack accusers as the Movement King is sick and tired of receiving unwarranted harassment from clips taken over a year ago.

Anyone that has played Warzone has likely ran into their fair share of hackers. With how many cheaters have been around, it’s easy to label another player as one even if they aren’t.

Many streamers have to deal with this as people like Headdband or BadBoy Beaman, who has been caught rage hacking, throw around claims and makes videos on popular players “cheating.”

Well, JoeWo hasn’t been immune to this, but the star is standing his ground and calling out these people for harassing him nonstop with “false claims.”

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Wazrone pro JoeWo tired of hackusations 

As a response to all the hackusations made, JoeWo released a “toxic” YouTube video, slamming everyone that’s talked negatively about him.

In his video, Joe talks about how clips from over a year ago have led to constant hate from “potatoes” who think he actually hacks. The issue isn’t that people think he’s a cheater, but more that he’s getting hate no matter what he does.

“I’m tired of being harassed over, and over, and over, on every video, every post, and every tweet.” The streamer said that no matter what he says or does there are always rude comments on his content that he spends “timeless nights” on.

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To further prove his own legitimacy, Joe mentioned that he has streamed with multiple cameras, loaded everything up on stream, and even played at a LAN.

JoeWo Warzone accused hackingTwitch: JoeWo
JoeWo is tired of people claiming he hacks in Warzone.

However, he is confused why this isn’t enough for the hack accusers that are slaughtering his name and calling him a “slimy little rat.”

He ended by saying he apologized for being toxic, but at the end of the day he knows he’s a clean player and it’s mentally taxing to deal with the hate on his name.