Warzone star JoeWo drops absurd 43 kills on Rebirth Island with unique loadout

joewo warzone rebirth island 43 kills unique loadoutActivision / Twitter, @averagejoewo

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island is beloved for shorter, fast-paced games. But Twitch streamer JoeWo proved you don’t need a long game to get a lot of kills, as he managed to notch a whopping 43 kills with an interesting loadout.

As anyone who has gone from regular Verdansk to Rebirth Island will know, the latter’s games can go by in the blink of an eye. Really talented players can keep the pace up and still hit double-digit kills, but it’s rare to see the huge numbers.

That’s what makes JoeWo’s achievement impressive. The man known as the Movement King most certainly lived up to that reputation in a casual match on the smaller map, as he somehow, some way, piled up 43 kills.

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And, adding some spice to the achievement, he did so running what many would consider an off-meta loadout. Instead of running a Krig and OTs 9, JoeWo dropped 43 with the Swiss K31 and recently nerfed Cold War MP5.

As you can see from the clip, Joe was in prime form. Flying into someone with his MP5, gunning them down, and immediately whipping around for a collateral Swiss snipe? The guy was in some kind of mode.

And that mode carried on for the rest of the match as well, as he kept frying his way toward the victory and 43 kills. While no one can be certain what the world records are for the niche mode, Joe thought his could be a contender.

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The JoeWo game proves two things: 1) you can get a ridiculous amount of kills in Rebirth Island and 2) you can still pop off with a sniper and an off-meta SMG.

People interested in watching the full game can visit his August 29 VOD on Twitch. As a brief recap for those who want to try recreating the demolition, Joe dropped onto Prison from the get-go and just didn’t stop moving.

Whether you decide to try out the Swiss (or return to the BOCW MP5) is up to you, but it seems that getting right in the middle of the map is a good way to start if you want to pile up the kills.

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