Warzone star Aydan gives himself live TikTok commentary during nutty play

warzone aydan commentary tiktokActivision / Twitter, @Aydan

A running theme on Call of Duty: Warzone TikTok is comedic commentary over pro highlights. Not to be outdone, Aydan gave himself live TikTok-esque live commentary while pulling off a ridiculous play. And the results are incredible.

If you’ve followed us or Warzone TikTok over the past few months, you know about commentary content. 

There was the guy providing a profane play-by-play as if he was Newbz during a 1v7 and then there was somebody commenting over their own gameplay like some blend of Sherlock Holmes and Deadpool. There is a lot of fun, silly, and just generally funny Warzone commentary content on TikTok — but things are starting to get meta.

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Now, one of Warzone’s top players, Aydan, has gone the extra mile and given himself the TikTok treatment. While fighting against some players in a public lobby, the streamer put on his best commentator voice and walked viewers through his mindset.

It’s hard to do a TikTok commentary without a script, especially during live gameplay, but Aydan made do: “They want all the smoke, but they can’t… hold the smoke.”

A second later, he misses a no-scope snipe attempt while uttering a hopeful “no scope!” A moment later, he’s moving around and continuing the stream of consciousness: “No mames, motherf**ker.”

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And the live commentary continues, as Aydan tried to gas himself up with a play-by-play. But, unlike the no scope, this time he hits the shots — one quick scope, then a turn on the teammate, and boom, a quality “blasted his ass” to round it all off.

The highest earner in Warzone history, it’s no surprise that Aydan absolutely claps players in regular lobbies. But for him to do so while knocking out some TikTok-quality commentary? Pretty impressive.

For what it’s worth, we can’t definitely prove that this commentary was done live since it’s from a clip shared by his team and we couldn’t find the original Twitch VOD. But it most certainly seems like it was done live and, regardless, it’s fun nonsense from a top player.

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