Warzone slide cancel glitch still frustrating players despite being “fixed”

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone sliding glitch still frustrating players despite being "fixed"Activision

Warzone players are getting extremely annoyed as a sliding glitch that was supposedly fixed is still ruining matches as it prevents them from shooting. 

Movement plays a big role in Warzone as players are always finding out new ways to increase their footwork for some free kills. But, there have been many bugs with sliding and jumping since Warzone went to the Pacific.

So much that Season 2 was delayed so the devs could shift their focus toward fixing all these issues. Warzone players are praying that Raven Software are figuring out a fix to a reoccurring problem with sliding.

Warzone slide cancel glitch prevents players from shooting

For months now, players have reported a bug where slide canceling would sometimes prevent them from shooting their guns.

As seen in a video from August 14, 2021, this has been haunting players as they legit can’t fire their gun after sliding.

This issue was silently patched and it disappeared from the game. But that has changed with Warzone’s move to the Pacific.

In a Reddit post by ‘jichapm’ this person is reporting that it’s back and worse than ever before.

Players are noticing that this slide cancel glitch is occurring quite often, especially when moving down uneven terrain. One Redditor said, “Happens to me a lot when I’m not on a flat surface, and especially if I’m trying to peek down a hill.”

On Twitter another Warzone player said this has gotten so much worse since Caldera was introduced. “It’s happened more to me today than it ever did on Verdansk.”

There’s no way to prevent this, but the community has suggested not sliding down hills as it seems to happen when changing elevation. Players are hopeful that this will be resolved by the Season 2 release on February 14 as it is frustrating many.