Warzone apparently drops “silent” update to fix level 1000 hack giving players everything

warzone max level hackActivision

A number of top Warzone streamers came up against some friendly hackers in Verdansk who were making them max level and giving them every weapon unlock available. Now, Raven have apparently released a silent patch to end this.

Warzone players have called for anti-cheat software to stop hackers running rampant across Verdansk for over two years now, but thus far there has been nothing except the occasional ban wave.

Apparently, they’ve been able to find a quick fix to this hacking issue, though, where players were using cheats to gift other players max level, all weapon camos, and the attachments to match.

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Some huge streamers experienced this, such as NICKMERCS and DiazBiffle, but nobody was exactly sure how or why it was happening at first.

It soon became clear that this was the work of hackers who wanted to use their powers for something different, leaving the wallhacks and aimbot behind to try and give something back to the community.

While it can not be confirmed with 100% certainty yet, Call of Duty leakers are reporting that Raven released a silent patch to fix the hack, preventing it from happening again.

On July 13, CallofDutyHope tweeted: “Modern Warfare/Warzone had a silent update today patching both level 1000 and max level Cold War guns hacks.”

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CallofDutyHope also runs a datamining account, while this tweet itself was also reposted by ModernWarzone.

Of course, with no confirmation, it’s impossible to tell yet how accurate this is, though it’s definitely something Activision and Raven Software would want to get on top of sooner rather than later.

CallofDutyHope also tweeted saying that the hackers “leaked their own source code” which is why the fix came about so quickly. We’ll have to wait for word from the devs to find out whether they really did patch this hack.