Warzone server status: Is Warzone down? Outages confirmed on August 16

James Busby

Warzone servers sometimes have issues where players struggle to connect to multiplayer, which can obviously be incredibly frustrating. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s current server status. 

Like most popular online multiplayer games, Warzone’s servers sometimes encounter problems that impact connectivity. While server outages are often a rare occurrence, there are times when a new update or bug can lead to the servers going down. 

As you can imagine, this can be rather annoying for many players, especially those who were in the middle of a game-winning match. Of course, it’s not easy to work out when the game’s servers will experience outages, but fortunately, you can use our Warzone server status tracker to find out whether there have been any problems impacting the popular BR.


Warzone server status

Warzone players running
Warzone servers sometimes have outages.

Servers are currently down for Warzone BO3, BO4, and Vanguard, which means you won’t be able to queue up for games at the moment. Sledgehammer posted an update about the outage and confirmed that they’re looking into whatever is causing the outage. 

The Warzone developers said that they will provide updates as soon as possible. When the servers slowly trickle back on, If you’re still experiencing problems logging into Warzone and joining the game’s servers, be sure to head over to Activision’s official support page to find out the cause of your connection issues.

If none of the troubleshooting guides are working, then be sure to check your own online connections. To do this, simply boot up another game or check your router to see if the problem is on your end. 

Additional Warzone server maintenance resources

Activision support centre
Activision’s support center is a great resource for checking Warzone’s server status.

To stay up-to-date on the status of Warzone’s servers, be sure to bookmark this article and check back here if you have any issues. Additionally, you can also follow the official Warzone Twitter account for constant updates on the game’s content and server problems. 

While Warzone’s servers rarely go down for long, Raven Software invariably gets them up and running incredibly quickly.