Warzone Season 3 matches are still suffering from “fundamentally broken” audio

Warzone execution with Pacific logoActivision

Warzone players are calling on Raven to implement major changes to the game’s audio, claiming it remains “fundamentally broken” in Season 3. 

The feedback of Warzone players has long focussed on cheating and bugs, both of which have been far too prevalent in the CoD battle royale.

On the former, we’ve seen the introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat, but fans are still frustrated with the hacking situation in Season 3. On the latter, we saw the Season 3 update implement a number of fixes to try and improve the standard of the average Warzone match.

While audio issues are not as egregious, they have certainly appeared on the list of features many players want to be improved. In a battle royale, solid and reliable audio is crucial to allowing players to hear when opponents are making a move for them.

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Warzone’s audio issues have continued into Caldera.

Fans have long complained that Warzone’s is not up to scratch, but player opinion has amplified following the Season 3 update, with some arguing it has got worse and remains “fundamentally broken”.

A May 6 Reddit post from player ‘VonBurglestein‘ called on Raven to improve the game’s audio, claiming it remains a problem.

“I see a lot of valid criticisms about this game, but I don’t understand how audio isn’t far and beyond the biggest problem people have with Warzone,” they said. “A battle royale game doesn’t work if audio doesn’t work. When people come running up on you and you don’t get a single audio queue (even when hard checking the capture replay), the game is fundamentally broken. This is happening way too often.”

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The post finished with the player stating their hopes that the upcoming Warzone 2 will fix audio and ensure all players are on a level playing field when it comes to hearing enemies.

Raven have not responded directly to the issues, but have previously stated they are committed to improving audio in Season 3. Hopefully, the changes come sooner rather than later.