Warzone Season 3 brings Blackout-style lootable Perks to Caldera

Screenshot from Season 3 of WarzoneActivision

Warzone Season 3 is bringing a ton of changes to Caldera but few of them are as big as perks entering the loot pool. Just like Blackout, players will be able to equip the perks to gain a big edge over the competition. 

Season 3 was already set to change Warzone dramatically. Whether through new POIs, new weapons, or even a new contract type, there was already no doubt that things would have a new feel once the update goes live.

That effect has now been amplified by Raven Software’s announcement that eight perks will be joining the loot pool as Legendary rarity pickups.

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Lootable perks coming in Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3 Classified ArmsActivision
The game is really being shaken up in Season 3.

From the mobility enhancing Battle Hardened to the life-saving Quick Fix, players will have no shortage of ways to spice up their gameplay.

The full list of perks joining the fold is fairly extensive and offers a wide array of advantages:

  • Battle Hardened
  • Engineer
  • High Alert
  • Restock
  • Tempered
  • Quick Fix
  • Scavenger
  • Pointman (Plunder Exclusive)

These boosts will be hard to find but will have a dramatic influence on gameplay even after squads have secured their loadouts.

Since perks are limited strictly to Supply Boxes even those lucky few who are looted up and have their preferred weapons will now have an incentive to spend time looting.

While any single one of these drops would be a significant edge, players can equip all eight perks at the same time if they were to find them all.

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On top of the three perks guaranteed by a loadout drop, this means that you could be sliding into your next gunfight with 11 different boosts over an enemy.

Keep an eye out for all of these changes and more when Season 3 kicks off on April 27.