Warzone Season 2 update causing ground loot to freeze the game for players

Nathan Warby
Warzone player surrounded by ground loot

The last Warzone season was plagued by the infamous freezing Buy Station bug, and the Warzone Season 2 update appears to have brought the issue back, only this time it is affecting ground loot.

After weeks of hype, Warzone Season 2 is here, bringing with it a boatload of new content and changes. There’s a new Battle Pass full of weapons and skins to work through, while the existing guns have been hit with nerfs and buffs to make the game more balanced.

As is always the case with any new update, though, some bugs and glitches have slipped through the cracks. Players have already found an easy exploit to earn XP, and new issues are popping up all the time.

One of the most significant is a throwback to the notorious freezing Buy Station glitch that was prominent during Season 1. Only this time, it’s affecting ground loot.

Warzone player at Buy Station
Freezing Buy Stations were a huge problem last season, and the issue seems to have infected ground loot.

Just hours after the Season 2 update went live, Reddit user I_AM_THE_SEB posted a clip showing the new glitch. All was seemingly normal, the player landed after the initial jump from the plane and instinctively ran straight for the nearest weapon.

Just as they were about to pick it up, however, the game suddenly froze and the player was stuck in place. After a few seconds, they randomly appeared on the other side of the weapon, totally unarmed.

An enemy quickly made the most of the situation, buying them a ticket straight to the Gulag. It didn’t completely put an end to their game, but there’s no doubt that this quick glitch had a major impact on the match.

Other Warzone players responded to the post claiming they ran into a similar problem after Season 2 got underway, highlighting that it is not a one-off glitch. “Died three times already to this bug. That’s how common it is, at least on PC for me.”

“Good lord, I thought it was just me. I got s**t on so many times today going for a ground loot gun just for my screen to freeze.”

As you can imagine, this has garnered plenty of criticism from the community, especially after Season 2 was pushed back to focus on fixing bugs. “I like how this was supposed to be the big ‘fixing the game’ update.”

With all the cool new additions that have come as part of Warzone Season 2, it’s a shame to see such a game-breaking bug affecting players already. Hopefully, a fix is on the way soon and it won’t become a major problem like the Buy Station glitch that preceded it.