Strange Warzone rocket launcher glitch makes the ammo useless

Brianna Reeves
cod warzone rocket launcher glitchActivision Blizzard

While going head-to-head with someone in Call of Duty: Warzone, a player shot a rocket launcher that backfired because of a weird glitch.

Warzone plays host to a fair few rocket launcher weapons, each one featuring basic qualities that make them relatively distinctive.

The RPG-7, for instance, boasts a slow-firing projectile but its explosive output arguably makes up for it in the end.

Meanwhile, many will argue the Strela-P warrants consideration as the best launcher, thanks in part to armor-piercing projectiles capable of easily downing helicopters and other armored vehicles.

Sometimes, though, even the most reliable Call of Duty weapons don’t live up to expectations.

Warzone player encounters weird rocket launcher glitch

Recently, Reddit user spideyjiri shared gameplay footage of what should’ve amounted to an incredibly easy rocket launcher kill.

When the player fired, however, the rocket failed to follow suit. As a result, spideyjiri well-timed attack on an enemy ended up being a dud – so to speak.

This Reddit user isn’t the only one experiencing this bizarre rocket launcher glitch in COD: Warzone, either.

Nivem94 responded to the post and said they’ve encountered this same issue with the RPG. “I still don’t get how I don’t even get a hit marker at times,” the Redditor added. BayouKev replied with a similar comment, stating glitches like this crop up “too often.”

It remains to be seen how widespread this particular problem is in Warzone. Still, responses to the above Reddit thread indicate a sizable enough portion of the player-base has encountered rocket launcher glitches. Here’s to hoping the wait for a proper fix will not continue for too long.