What is Warzone’s Rebirth of the Dead? New BR mode explained

Rebirth of the Dead in WarzoneActivision

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is bringing the all-new Rebirth of the Dead mode which will drop a horde of zombies onto the beloved Alcatraz-inspired island.

Zombies are hardly a new phenomenon in Warzone, but in their newest appearance, they’re taking over Rebirth Island and forcing the humans to fight for their lives if they want to escape.

The premise is a familiar one but there are a few spicy new add-ons this time around to modernize the experience and make it feel fresh in the new environment.

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What is Rebirth of the Dead in Warzone? Season 4 Reloaded LTM

In the new playlist, Operators will once again be on the run from the undead as they take over the map. The mode will operate much like Zombie Royale before it, where the humans who die are raised from the ground and given new life.

When this happens, the Zombie players are given superhuman strength and speed as well as a few special abilities and can help their surviving squadmates finish the match by pestering the other team.

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There are also antiviral syringes that zombies can collect around the map or from killing players and once an individual has scored enough of them, they’ll redeploy into the fight as a human again.

In this version of the event, executing a finisher on an unsuspecting human will provide four syringes, meaning you’ll be dropped right back in without having to scrounge up anything else.

There’s also an all-new infestation meter added to the HUD, that once completely filled, will release all of the spectators in the lobby from their ethereal chains and give them yet another chance as a Zombie.

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How do you win in Rebirth of the Dead?

The goal is just like any other Warzone battle royale mode: the last squad standing will claim the victory. If a human is able to make it to the end of the game then they’ll take the victory and be rewarded with a calling card to mark the occasion.

This time around, it will be ten squads of four dropping into Rebirth Island to fight in the jam-packed corridors of the smaller map. It’ll take some craft maneuvering and a whole lot of luck to make it through the final stages of the game and make it out alive.

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