Warzone Rebirth Island Iron Trials update: Specialist & loadout prices, health buff, more

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The fan-favorite Iron Trials mode is finally returning to Call of Duty: Warzone, but this time it will be on Rebirth Island. In a March 2 update, the devs detailed the game’s Buy Station prices and more.

When Iron Trials released in Warzone’s fifth season on Verdansk, players were treated to an entirely new way of playing. The mode had greater health (and therefore a longer TTK), restricted items, and a number of other tweaks to the traditional experience.

It didn’t take long for Iron Trials to grow a passionate fan base among Warzone players and many wondered when it might return.

That’s now been answered, as a Season 2 leak was confirmed after suggesting Iron Trials would be added to Rebirth Island. In a March 2 update, the devs broke down what to expect: more health, no shotguns, pricier purchases – in sum, it’s a harder mode focused solely on positioning and hitting shots.

Warzone Rebirth Island Iron Trials: Health, loot, and equipment

rebirth island iron trials warzone
For the first time ever, Warzone’s Iron Trials mode is coming to Rebirth Island.

As a refresher, Rebirth Island Iron Trials will have larger health and tougher health regeneration. Specifically, base health is increased from 100 to 250 and regeneration takes seven seconds (up from five) and only heals for 40 HP per second (down from 120).

Loot is being altered as well, with the following items now being much rarer to find: epic and legendary weapons, killstreaks, and cash. Additionally, Dead Silence and Stopping Power Rounds are entirely removed.

Last but not least, there are some mechanical tweaks, too. Namely, snipers can now only register a one-shot kill within 30 meters, stuns’ duration is decreased by 50%, and stims are being nerfed – their regeneration rate by 50% and their movement speed boost by 5%.

Changes to Rebirth Island & Iron Trials Buy Station pricing

There are also a number of changes being made to Buy Station pricing in Rebirth Island’s version of Iron rials. All killstreaks are being made $1,000 to $2,000 more expensive, while the cost of loadout drops is being pushed up to $10,000.

Interestingly, for those who are able to rack up the cash, a new option is on the Buy Station menu: a Specialist Token, costing a whopping $30,000.

This reintroduction of Iron Trials will be an interesting one, as it’s the first time the mode will come to Rebirth Island. The playlist will be available for Duos only, to start, but other tweaks may happen down the line.

For those wanting to get in and test their mettle, Rebirth Island Iron Trials will be available from March 3 to March 17.

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