Warzone Ranked mode: Is a ranked playlist coming to Call of Duty’s battle royale?

caldera POIActivision

A Ranked mode is quite possibly the most sought-after and requested feature for Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s been desired by players and fans for the longest time, but is an official Ranked mode with divisions landing in Caldera at any point?

It’s hard to believe that Warzone doesn’t have a Ranked mode after nearly two years when CoD is one of the most competitive franchises ever. Each major Call of Duty release typically gets Ranked play, and more importantly, its major competitors also boast Ranked play.

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That’s right, Apex Legends features ranked versions of its main battle royale mode and even Arenas. Even Fortnite has now finally adopted a Ranked variety for players to enjoy some more competitive and skill-based lobbies.

But when is Warzone’s ranked mode coming? Is it even coming?


Will Call of Duty: Warzone ever get a Ranked mode option?

peak POI in cod calderaActivision
Could we one day see lots of highly-skilled players dropping in at Peak to ascend to their next league rank?

At the time of writing, we can’t actually be sure. Given how vehemently this feature has been requested by Warzone fans, it seems baffling that the game still doesn’t have a Ranked mode yet.

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As we’ve already mentioned, some of the game’s leading competitors in the battle royale genre already have Ranked options. NICKMERCS has even been quoted as saying that Warzone “can’t survive” without a Ranked mode.

Similar to the anti-cheat software that players were desperate for so long, it could be that a Ranked mode has actually secretly been in development for months like RICOCHET was.

Why doesn’t Warzone have a Ranked mode?

aerial view of warzone's calderaActivision
It’s surely only a matter of time until we get a Ranked mode.

Raven Software have not come out and publicly addressed the mysterious absence of a Ranked mode. However, one of the most likely answers is that it’s to do with hackers and cheaters.

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Everyone was aware of the issues for months and the longer Verdansk went on, the more extreme and frequent the hacking became. The introduction of RICOCHET seems to have made Caldera a safer place, with one or two noteworthy exceptions.

But now that Warzone should start to become more secure, Raven will probably feel they can implement a Ranked system that isn’t interfered with by hackers and cheaters.

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