Warzone pro Vapulear responds to Aydan’s wager “scam” accusations

Activision / Aydan Twitter

Warzone pro ‘Vapulear’ responded to allegations of scamming fellow Call of Duty players after top talent Aydan claimed to have thousands of dollars unpaid.

Between events and stacked tournaments, Warzone players routinely load into wager matches or other bets to keep the competition alive and make some extra cash on the side. Since these are direct transactions from player-to-player, there’s an expectation for quick payouts once the dust settles.

Aydan didn’t see $2,500 he claims to have won from Vapulear after their wagers and warned other players to avoid placing bets with him.

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Vapulear denied withholding any money as a result from a wager and explained his side of the dilemma after word spread of Aydan’s accusation.

Vapulear warzone pro

“I’m just writing this to clear a few things up,” Vapulear said. “I have not scammed or will never scam anyone for wagers / sidebets.

“My PayPal got banned with £4000 in it when I tried to send the money he was owed. Also I did try sending numerous times through CashApp which kept getting restricted until eventually getting banned.”

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Technical difficulties aside, Vapulear has committed to paying Aydan the money owed. The UK resident says the money is already en-route to the American pro and that Aydan said he’d acknowledge the transfer online once it’s completed.

This came after a staggering tweet where Aydan shed light on his issue that started the wave of criticisms toward Vapulear.

“Just a heads up, do not wager or do sidebets with Vapulear,” Aydan said. “He scammed me for over $2,500 from wagers so I just wanted to give anyone that wagers a warning.”

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Vapulear claims to have received backlash and even death threats due to the fallout from the accusations. After paying Aydan, the UK pro says he’s “done with gaming” and expects to step back from the Warzone scene in the coming weeks.

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