Warzone pro Tommey somehow griefed mid-air by Loadout Drop during tournament


Warzone pro Tommey is one of the game’s greatest players, taking home loads of cash and tournament wins. While he is playing at a top-level that doesn’t make him immune to some whacky deaths, even while playing in tournaments. 

After retiring from professional CoD, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren signed with 100 Thieves as the team’s first Warzone pro player.

Since joining, Tommey has quickly become one of the best Warzone players, ranking third all-time on the top earnings list with over $200,000.

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Even though he is an extraordinary talent, that doesn’t mean Tommey can avoid some unfortunate deaths while playing in a tourney.

Tommey retired from professional CoD to become a Warzone player for 100 Thieves.

Warzone pro Tommey dies to Loadout Drop mid-air

There are so many ways to die in a Warzone game, you can get gunned down by someone, fall to your death, get run over by a car… the possibilities are endless.

Tommey was playing in BoomTV’s Rising Stars of Warzone Streamer Series, in a trio kill race format. Things were going extremely well for Tommey and his squad, but it took a humorous turn when he redeployed and died immediately.

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In this clip, you can see that he was bought back by his teammate and dropping back in. Out of nowhere, a Loadout Drop spawns right on top of him causing him to be crushed to his death.

You can hear him absolutely mindblown at what just happened, as this is something that rarely happens to your everyday Warzone player. Despite this minor setback, Tommey’s team of Newbz and Almond went on to clutch up the rest of the tournament taking home $5,000.

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So next time you have an unlucky death just remember that it could happen to anyone.