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Warzone pro MuTeX shadowbanned despite claiming to “never break any rules”

Published: 10/Apr/2022 21:15

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone hack accusers everywhere are salivating as pro player MuTeX has been shadowbanned on the battle royale — even though the streamer claims to have never broken any rules.

When it comes to Warzone, no one is ever safe from being called a cheater. As many hackers have infiltrated the game, it created a “cheater until proven innocent” atmosphere for many players.

While the RICOCHET anti-cheat has done its part in silencing hackers around the world, some people think it lacks in certain areas. This is why the game has shadow banning, which suspects players that may be cheating and makes it nearly impossible to find a game.


Now, streamer and pro MuTeX, who has been widely accused of cheating in the past, has been shadow banned on the game, despite proving to the community that he hasn’t done anything wrong.

MuTex shadowbanned on Warzone

On April 10, MuTeX informed his fans that he has been shadow banned on Warzone even though he believes he didn’t break any rules. He reached out to Raven Software and Activision saying “please help me out as soon as possible. I stream your game every single day and don’t want a set back for no reason.”

MuTeX has done everything in his power to clear his name from hackusations in Warzone. He’s gone as far as 5-camera streams just to prove to everyone that he’s just more talented than the average player.


However, it appears that Raven Software have flagged his account for suspicious activity. The pro has sent out numerous tweets asking for this to be resolved , but so far nothing has happened.

He even brings up that he streamed Warzone for a year straight without any issues just his love and passion for the game. He doesn’t want this to hurt his career and unnecessarily set him back.

Accounts have been falsely flagged in the past as a player was wrongly shadow banned for abusing planes to drop an insane K/D ratio every game. While this could be the case for MuTeX, we will need to wait for an official statement from the devs to either confirm or correct this decision.