Warzone pro Huskerrs left speechless by ‘impossible’ throwing knife play

Huskerrs and Warzone Pacific logoActivision/Huskerrs

When you’ve played as much Warzone as Jordan “Huskerrs” Thomas it’s hard to find something you haven’t seen before, but this enemy’s unreal throwing knife play certainly did the trick. 

The incident occurred during an April 16 stream where Huskerrs was taking on a few games of solo quads.

His team was on a hot start with the streamer collecting 11 kills while more than 60 members of the lobby were still alive. The group decided to capitalize on their early success and get as aggressive as possible with the help of an armored truck.

After securing a new target the squad dove into the action, instantly knocking an enemy before driving head-on towards the fight, but that’s when things went south.

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An image of Armoured Trucks in WarzoneActivision
Huskerrs and his team thought they were safe inside of one of these beefy boys.

Huskerrs left in stunned silence after throwing knife outplay

While converting a 4v3 into a squad wipe is normally no harder than breathing for the multi-FPS champion, this particular run was cut short by a witty opponent.

There was nothing but an open road between the streamer and his next victim, that is until a well-placed knife delivered a knockout punch right through the windshield.

It took him a while to recover from the shock of being outplayed this hard, as the stream was silent for over a minute and a half.

He eventually broke the silent spell with a simple question: “Dude, how is that even possible?”

Of course, Huskerrs wasn’t the only one stunned by this as both his chat and the rest of the internet was confounded as well.

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One commenter joked that the person who threw the knife had secret perks that the rest of the world doesn’t know about: “What the f**k, that dude has FMJ on his throwing knife.”

While it’s not clear if this is an intended ability of the throwing knife or not, it’s safe to say that everyone will be rethinking their vehicle strategies if this tactic starts to catch on.