Warzone pro Aydan cleared of hack accusations by “$900 headset” defense

call of duty warzone aydan headsetTwitter, @aydan / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone pro Aydan was the subject of hack accusations after a play even he said looked mighty suspicious. But after fans noticed he was using a “$900 headset,” people seem convinced he wasn’t actually cheating.

Aydan is among Warzone’s best players and highest earners for a reason. The former Fortnite pro has gun skill, movement, and game sense for days. But sometimes he can look unnaturally skilled and that understandably results in concern.

During a 2v2 Gunfight with fellow Warzone pros and Call of Duty League star Shotzzy, Aydan pulled a play off that immediately caught a spectator’s eye. Blazt, a former CDL pro himself, was watching the game and jokingly claimed he was about to expose Aydan for cheating.

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Once everyone saw the clip, it was obvious why it looked so suspicious. Not only does Aydan perfectly read the first kill but he then centers on the second opponent through a wall. 

Aydan accused of hacking after 2v2 Gunfight clip

In the clip, Aydan jumps to challenge a prone Shotzzy near the point and then, while capping, his crosshair seems to sit exactly where Stukawaki is. You can see all outlines thanks to Blazt spectating, making things look even more unnatural.

Watching it back, all players involved laughed — but even Aydan said “that looks so bad” and Shotzzy reacted with confusion: “That s**t looks insane, what the f**k?”

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To explain, Aydan’s teammate IceManIsaac rightfully pointed out that they had already cleared half of the map so there weren’t many other spots to be wary of. And Aydan added that he heard Shotzzy, which surprised everyone.

Aydan cleared of hack accusations thanks to superior headset

In the replies, many pointed to Aydan’s headset to explain how he was able to hear what no one else could. Multiple people referenced a $900 pricetag for the headphones he’s believed to be using: the LCD-GX.

One person put out a poll asking if Aydan was cheating or simply “built different,” which resulted in a large majority — 69.2% — believing it was all fair play. This is likely a testament to the belief in his headset, his experience running Gunfights, and the lack of concern from those he played against.

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Overall, it’s a classic example of why suspicious-seeming clips need context. If you watch the whole VOD (timestamp around 11:57:30), you can see that Aydan was caught by surprise on maps he wasn’t familiar with and did routinely hear things that others struggled to.