Warzone pro accused of cheating in $110k Vanguard tourney with “fake video”

Warzone pro accused of cheating in $110k Vanguard tourney with "fake video"Activision

Warzone pro ‘Flxnked’ was accused of cheating in a $110k Vanguard Search and Destroy tourney after a fake video was submitted to admins.

The $110k Black Friday Vanguard event was one of the most highly anticipated showdowns so far, as it was the most money the game has seen for a preseason tournament.

While the action was unfolding, Warzone pro Flxnked, part of Team Huke, was accused of cheating and a video was sent to the admins as proof.

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This is where things got really sticky, as Flxnked had to cross every bridge in an attempt to clear his name after this clip started to gain traction.

Warzone pro clears name after cheating accusations 

In the midst of the biggest Vanguard tournament thus far, a player submitted a video from Flxnked’s stream that showed red boxes outlining enemies on his monitor camera.

However, Flxnked did not take this lightly and went live on Twitter in a series of clips trying to prove that he, in fact, was playing the game fair.

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After some deliberation from tourney admins, they made the ruling that the clip was edited and the red boxes were “photoshopped” onto his scream to make it appear that he cheated.

Flxnked claimed that this happened because he unfollowed someone on Twitter and they retaliated by attempting to get him banned from the biggest tourney so far.

Many people in the community were confused as to why someone would do this, and even the 3-time World Champion, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow said, “That video is so dumb and I think you guys are nuts for calling cheats on that guy.”

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In the end, it was proved that the clip was edited and 100% fake. Flxnked went on to finish Top 4 with Huke after falling to Team Kenny 2-3.