Warzone pro absolutely flames “dogs**t” hacker after out-slaying him

Theo Salaun
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Call of Duty: Warzone pro and streamer DougIsRaw was randomly stuck with a hacker on his team while queuing into random lobbies. So Doug proceeded to drop more kills than the cheater and absolutely roast him for it.

Queuing into Warzone as a solo with random teammates can be quite the gamble. Sometimes you end up with bad players, sometimes you end up with toxic kids, and — every once in a while — you might end up with a hacker.

This latter happened to DougIsRaw, who was streaming random fills when a teammate’s performance caught his eye. Late in the game, after going rogue and slaying out by himself, Doug realized his teammate was keeping pace with 20-plus kills.

He asked his Twitch chat to check the teammate’s CoD stats when Doug realized he was playing alongside a hacker. And the rest is history, as he proceeded to demolish the lobby, out-frag the cheater, and then get into game chat to absolutely flame them for hacking.

Warzone streamer DougIsRaw out-slays hacker

Doug tweeted about the game afterward, saying that he ‘unknowingly dropped more kills than a cheater.’ And, in the attached video, you can see when Doug starts wondering about how legit his teammate really is, asking “who the f**k is this guy?”

Once chat lets him know that the guy has a 7 K/D, he becomes convinced the guy is hacking and confronts him about it after the game. 

Somehow dropping four more kills than the cheater, Doug lets him have it: “How does it make you feel that I don’t cheat and you do, and you couldn’t keep up with me? … GGs bud, you’ll always be dogs**t.”

If you watch the entire video, you can see that Doug was on a mission and unaware of his teammate’s progress. Eventually, after realizing he was with a hacker, he kept the kills up and decided to shame the guy.

Everyone hopes that hackers are removed from Warzone for good when the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat drops in early December. But, until then, we can simply enjoy Doug’s humiliating message to this hacker: “My teammate’s cheating his f**king c**k off and he can’t keep up with me? Holy s**t he’s terrible.”