Warzone players worried as “invincibility” issues resurface in Season 4

Warzone Sniper Rifle next to logoActivision

Warzone players are expressing their concern after new problems with “invincibility” surfaced in Season 4, with many calling for Raven to address them in an upcoming patch.

Warzone’s issues with cheating and bugs have been well documented. The introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat was borne purely of struggles to curtail hackers in the BR’s first couple of years, while the devs themselves have recently admitted that the amount of content in one place makes isolating problems incredibly difficult.

One particularly obnoxious issue in past seasons has related to players becoming “invincible” – impossible to hit and therefore impossible to kill.

While the problems in the past have come from both exploits and bugs, they appear to have resurfaced in Season 4, leaving players less than impressed with Raven and Activision.

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Warzone “invincibility” issues back in Season 4

In a July 16 clip, streamer TrickyRick was almost lost for words upon encountering an enemy who simply wouldn’t die.

Despite multiple accurate shots being sent their way and one of the game’s many ‘executions’ being employed, the enemy simply shrugged off Rick’s efforts and eliminated him, taking the victory in the most bizarre and unfair of circumstances.

Rick’s tweet showcased the clip and was aptly captioned: “I AM GOING TO LOSE IT!!!!!”

It’s not entirely clear what caused the issue, with some speculating it is a glitch and others suggesting that the opponent was cheating, in spite of RICOCHET’s continued efforts. Whatever the cause, fans were not impressed that such prominent issues are still ruining Warzone matches over two years after its release.

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One player said: “This is actually really sad and depressing, I’d lose my sh*t if this happened to me, even with the finishing move couldn’t kill him.”

Another criticized Raven and Activision: “The amount of glitches and issues that this game has had since release on every patch and version is just unacceptable given its status. This becoming the norm is also unacceptable.”

Many also pointed to the launch of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, with both expected later in the year. Here’s hoping they drop without major problems and have a handle on the cheating situation from the beginning.

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