Warzone players warn that randomly gifted skins can cause shadowbans

Theo Salaun
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Call of Duty: Warzone players are laying out the caution tape, as it seems that using an accidentally awarded skin can result in shadowbans. Players are now reporting the issue and warning others.

Some Warzone Pacific players have been surprised to discover a new Operator skin in their inventory. It’s blue, has some sort of ninja mask, and looks pretty cool to use. Unfortunately, doing so might get you punished.

According to a number of tweets, the new skin is popping up randomly for players. There are also ways to unlock it via challenges, but the problems begin if you receive it without doing those challenges.

If true, this is unideal news. Players could accidentally be punished for using something they didn’t even intend to acquire by illegitimate means.

Warzone players warn of shadowbans for wearing randomly gifted skin

Warzone Pacific streamer GorgoKnight tweeted about the issue first, giving a warning: “For those of you who have obtained this suit do not use it in game for you will most likely get shadow banned.”

Explaining it further in the replies, the issue is only when you receive the skin without completing the challenges. This is because you’re then using something that the game hasn’t registered you as already having technically earned.

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Warzone is full of fun skins, but you should be careful if a new one surprises you out of the blue.

At the moment, it’s unclear why the skin is being given to players randomly. Raven Software have yet to add the issue to their Trello board, so an answer doesn’t seem to be en route any time soon.

In the meantime, a number of players reported getting the skin randomly, although some were shadowbanned and others have not been. One user replied “everyone who used it is getting shadow banned,” but another said they’ve “been using it forever and still untouched.”

So, while we don’t know for sure how the skin is randomly given or how punishments are doled out, we do know it’s murky water. The only thing we can all recommend for now is to simply avoid using things you haven’t personally unlocked.