Warzone players want Swagg-themed operator & gun skin: “I’d buy it immediately”

. 5 months ago
Swagg Warzone skin
FaZe Clan

Warzone players are losing their minds as Twitch and Warzone star Swagg posted a skin concept for the battle royale that has fans ready to open their wallets.

Content creator skins have been discussed for quite some time. With Dr Disrespect saying the game should make them, and a fan creating a TimTheTatman Warzone skin, it’s something players want to see.

One of the game’s biggest creators, Swagg has been doing whatever it takes to make sure Warzone is great, even if that meant getting a butt tattoo.

While the streamer continues his shenanigans, a fan decided to pay tribute to his efforts and rendered a Warzone skin that players are eager to get their hands on.

Swagg wants his custom skin added to Warzone

In a tweet on February 10, Nuke Squad member Swagg posted a video captioned “let’s make it happen Call of Duty.” This showcased him as an operator bundle pack.in the battle royale.

The animated character looked as close to Swagg as possible, with the low-cut fade, tattoos, Air Jordans, and even a Cronus logo just for laughs. It also came with three additional features.

First, there is a weapon camo called “30 Ball Jamal” that featured a fiery red, black, and orange pattern, with a nuke logo across the stock and magazine. To round out the gun, it comes with a charm that has the letter ‘S’ with a crown on top.

However, the best part has to be his finishing move, “Nukin’ Ankles.” Swagg may not be known as the “Movement King” but he still has some amazing footwork on the map. His finisher features him juking out an enemy, which breaks their ankles, pulling out a FaZe nuke button, and literally dropping a bomb to secure the kill.

Warzone Swagg skin
Twitter: @Swagg
The skin bundle comes with a Swagg skin and three accessories.

Fans were really hyped to see this with one person ready to pay whatever it takes to get this. On Twitter, KARNAGE AK said “I’d buy it immediately.” Other people chimed in saying this would “sell like hotcakes.”

Even names like JGOD, who replied with several fire emojis, and ZooMaa, who said “the ankle break” with three laughing emojis, think it’s an amazing idea.

Swagg has already immortalized Warzone on his end, literally, so maybe Raven Software could repay the favor and give him this skin bundle in-game.

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