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Warzone players want serious Modern Warfare weapon buffs after AMAX nerf

Published: 29/May/2021 12:43

by Connor Bennett


Even though Raven Software have confirmed that they’ll be looking at buffing Modern Warfare weapons for Warzone, some players want changes now, especially to rifles like the SCAR.

While Warzone has now fully integrated with Black Ops Cold War, some players haven’t made the switch to the new game and are still playing through Modern Warfare.

Even though they can pick up the Cold War weapons through ground loot and off other players, they’re limited in what they can use for their loadouts.

With the AMAX being hit with a pretty big nerf, some Modern Warfare players are looking to change their loadout up, but they don’t want to go back to weapons like the Kilo or Grau. They want something new and fresh.


The AMAX has been nerfed in Warzone.

For most players, the answer lies with the FN Scar. It’s a classic CoD weapon and incredibly powerful in the real world, but in Warzone, it’s not all that great.

“The AMAX is a 7.62×39 gun IRL, and the SCAR is 7.62×51. Much higher power round. Why does the SCAR have less ammunition, a lower fire rate, and less damage?” one fan asked, adding that in a “perfect world” the SCAR would be superior.

Others agreed and hoped that Raven would “do justice” to the SCAR in the upcoming round of changes. “I’ve been patiently waiting for a scar meta! Loved that gun in multiplayer,” added another.


Buff the SCAR Damage to at Least Equal the AMAX from CODWarzone

Aside from the SCAR, some players noted that weapons like the ODEN and AK should get some love as well. Both weapons were strong when Warzone first released, but have slipped down in terms of usage, sitting at 44th and 34th on WZRanked, respectively.

While Raven have confirmed they’ll be looking into changing some of the MW weapons, it remains to be seen as to when they’ll do so.