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Warzone players want return of classic CoD multiplayer announcer bundles

Published: 3/Sep/2021 12:14

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players want the return of a few classic cosmetics that would make the game sound and feel a little bit fresher. 

Over the years, Call of Duty has innovated with a few different add-ons and cosmetics. Most of them have been pretty easy like character and weapon skins, but they have gotten a little crazier too.

With the rise of Warzone, there has been a massive demand for new cosmetics, especially as weapon blueprints and operator bundles sell like crazy whenever they’re in the item store.

However, the add-on that some players have called for wouldn’t be seen in-game. No, they’d be heard whenever you call in a killstreak or get down into the final few players.


warzone new skin
Warzone has added some incredible cosmetics to the fold.

That’s right, some Warzone players want to be able to use different announcers in-game – be it the return of characters from CoD’s gone by like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts, or even celebrity appearances. 

It was an idea floated by ElectroLuminescence using the classic Delta Force announcer and it quickly garnered the support of fellow players who chipped in with their own idea for who could start commentating on Warzone matches. 

“If we got cool voices again like Snoop Dogg I might,” said one fan on the possibility of digging into their pocket to buy an announcer bundle. “Would be cooler if it was Ice Cube,” added another before a further player suggested Samuel L Jackson. Other players also threw out the idea of having a generic elderly announcer who might be confused by the Warzone terminology as that would provide some laughs.


How many of you would buy a voice-operator pack if given the chance? Here is a quick example of what it would sound like. from CODWarzone

Other players, of course, noted that it’s probably not a priority for the developers but it could be a fun addition. 

It’s been done for years in other games like DOTA 2 with each announcer bringing their own unique flavor to announcing kills, killstreaks, and special moments. 

With the number of moments that get a callout in Warzone, the possibilities are endless.