Warzone players want overpowered Hunter power-up removed from game

Warzone character with Combat Scout highlightRaven Software

Warzone’s Combat Scout and Snapshot Grendaes are controversial anti-camping measures, but the Hunter power-up takes things to the next level.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded‘s Special Event called “Cursed Ground” added numerous chests that are hidden around Fortune’s Keep contain special rewards. Zombies spawn near the chests, and you must eliminate them within the time limit to earn all the rewards.

The Hunter power-up is one possible reward, and allows players to see through walls for a few seconds, revealing any hidden players.

In February, Activision introduced the power-up in the LTM Clash Warzone players claimed the it “ruins the game.” Players hated its addition and immediately called for its removal from the game.

Season 4 Reloaded added Hunter back, and players can’t believe developers thought it would be a good idea.

Warzone players blast overpowered perk

combat scout menu and descriptionActivision
Combat Scout shook up the Warzone meta.

Reddit user Jmacd802 posted a clip of their team getting gunned down by someone using the Hunter power-up.

The video sparked outrage among the Warzone community.

One user responded, “That needs to get removed from both Titanium Trials and Fortune’s Keep. No place in Battle Royale modes.”

A second player added, “no idea why they thought it was a good idea to add this to a BR mode.”

Sarcastically another user noted, “they just love ratcheting up the RNG, don’t they.”

Activision is not afraid to push the envelope with creative powerups, but the developers may have overplayed their hand with Hunter.

Fortunately for the players up in arms, Warzone Season 5 introduces new special events.