Warzone players want massive change to Rebirth Reinforced respawn system

Warzone players want massive change to Rebirth Reinforced respawn systemActivision

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded focused heavily on Rebirth Island and, with more players coming to the mode, the community is asking for a massive change to the respawn protection system.

Season 2 Reloaded hit the live servers on March 23 with Rebirth Reinforced, which included new POIs, challenges and Weapons Trade Stations.

One thing that didn’t change on Rebirth though, is the ability to respawn. Players that die can redeploy back into the action if their team lives long enough.

These people will drop in with just a pistol, but there’s a catch. They can kill you, but you can’t kill them.

Warzone's Alcatraz rebirth island mapActivision
Rebirth Island has undergone some changes, but not with the respawn system.

Warzone community demands Rebirth spawn system rework

Developers typically implement spawn projection in FPS games as a sort of protection to keep people from getting killed over and over. However, it might be a little over-tuned in Warzone.

In a Reddit post by ‘Danbuys’ the user brings up how spawn protection on Rebirth Island works and thinks it’s extremely overpowered for those coming back to the fight.

They said that while in a fight a player that has just respawned can drop in really fast and just fire their pistol to kill you. But, due to spawn protection when they try to fire back, the bullets don’t do any damage.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Players that are respawning on Rebirth are protected until they pull their parachute twice.

One Redditor suggested what many called a logical solution: “I think it should be as soon as you fire a bullet while dropping in, spawn protection should end.” This would mean that players wishing to engage in a fight will be faced with consequences for doing so.

The current system turns off spawn protection when you pull your parachute a second time, so people can’t spam bullets on their way down. However, players think the proposed system would be a fair mechanic as it allows you to have a fighting chance against anyone that’s willing to challenge.