Warzone players want further Stim changes after Season 3 nerf

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Warzone players are demanding further Stim Shot changes following the long-awaited nerf they received in the Season 3 Reloaded patch, which altered the equipment’s slide modifier and damage intake.

Season 3 Reloaded brought a breath of fresh air to Warzone, with the arrival of new weapons, a mine cart travel system, and many other changes that were released with the massive patch.

More notably, the long-awaited Stim Shot nerf also arrived with the new update. After they caused a disturbance in the battle royale, with players being able to escape what would sometimes be considered, the devs finally took action.

However, the Warzone community believes further changes may be needed if players continue to use the Stim Shots incorrectly.

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Season 3 has shaken up Warzone considerably.

In a May 27 Reddit thread, Warzone player ‘Crimerapfan’ explained his seemingly unpopular opinion about the Stim Shot changes. “In my opinion, the Stim nerf shouldn’t be that big of a deal, it also shouldn’t come as much of a surprise,” said the player.

“It was definitely overpowered and the only ones who are complaining are the ones who exploited the excess slide distance and speed and do all that glitchy moving and sh*t,” the player added. “Those same people will also claim ‘skill’.

“If it’s truly a skill, the nerf wouldn’t affect you too much. Skill doesn’t just magically disappear, due to a slight inventory change, right?”

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According to others, the Stim nerf in the Reloaded patch actually didn’t seem to change much at all. “I’m a huge fan of using stims and the nerf… didn’t really change sh*t,” replied one fan in the comments. “They’re still extremely useful.”

As noted by another in the replies, the Stims are supposed to be used to keep you going in longer fights. However, if they continue to be used to give players a boost before a fight, and give the ability to evade enemies, further changes may be needed.

“They weren’t designed to juice you up before a confrontation, they’re designed to keep you going between multiple or prolonged confrontations. If people continue using them the way they’re currently used, then they’re obviously still broken and need nerfing further,” they said.

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With many seemingly agreeing that the Stim Shot changes were definitely needed, It’ll be interesting to see if it receives further changes by the devs in the next patch.