Warzone players use bug to turn Dirt Bikes into invincible guided missiles

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone players use bug to turn Dirt Bikes into invincible guided missiles

Warzone has introduced many modes of transportation throughout the seasons. One of the game’s coolest vehicles is the Dirt Bike. Players have discovered a new tactic that allows them to turn this bike into a missile. 

There are many different ways to get around in Verdansk. Players can hop in a Big Bertha cargo truck, a helicopter, ATV, and even ride a Dirt Bike.

While Warzone has seen many wild crossover strategies with vehicles, such as putting a Sentry Gun on Big Bertha, this latest one is certain to take the cake.

Players have discovered an amazing bug, or tactic, that turns the Dirt Bike into a guided missile that can’t be destroyed.

Warzone Dirt Bike Verdansk
They might not be the most powerful vehicle in Verdansk, but with this latest bug they can be.

Warzone players turn Dirt Bike into deadly missile

The Dirk Bike was originally famous on Verdansk for popping wheelies and doing crazy stunts. However, this vehicle is now one of Warzone’s deadliest weapons.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘MrUsername76’ showcases this new strategy with the Dirt Bike. All you need to do is strap on a C4 and get ready to go for a ride.

You can see the player driving around with their own C4 attached to the bike. Things get wild when the player sees another car trying to pull up on their team. They simply drive the bike into the car and detonate the C4.


Here’s the twist: the bike never blows up and the person driving it doesn’t take any damage, despite the C4 being their own. This is creating missiles on wheels, something that can be created over and over if using the Restock perk.

While there is no confirmation from Activision, this seems to be a bug and an unintended mechanic as nearly every other vehicle blows up when exploded by C4. Developers Raven Software might want to take a look at this one at some point.