Warzone players urge devs to make major gunsmith change to Vanguard weapons

Call of Duty Vanguard Gunsmith Weapon Bench Attachments With Game LogoActivision

Warzone fans have called on the Raven to remove players’ ability to put 10 attachments on Vanguard weapons, arguing it is inferior and makes the battle royale less balanced. 

Warzone’s conflation of multiple title’s worth of content in one place has certainly led to some problems for the developers, but has generally been welcomed by players as both innovative and immersive.

However, certain differences do remain between weapons from different games. For starters, they have different attachment options but, more noticeably, Vanguard weapons have always offered players a maximum of 10 attachment slots.

That contrasts with weapons from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, which remain capped at a maximum of 5 attachments. Now, players are calling for the Vanguard system to be scrapped.

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Caldera Ruins with WZ Pacific logoActivision
A move to Caldera and Warzone Pacific brought all of Vanguard’s content.

Asking for opinions in an April 23 Reddit post, ‘Adananan‘ said that they’d prefer all weapons to be capped at 5 attachments “as it made you sacrifice attachments for others and made you think about how you want to run a class.”

That seemed to be a popular sentiment, with many others echoing that five makes a sensible play style more important and improves the game as whole.

One said: “5 is the superior attachment system…and it’s probably easier for devs to balance.” Another commented: “Honestly the 10 attachments thing infuriates me with the combo of guns getting nerfed/buffed every f**king week. If everything stayed balanced it would make more sense.”

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There were some who argued that 10 allows players to have more control of their weapons but most did appear to make the five attachment limit universal.

It will ultimately come down to Raven’s assessment of the game and how the two systems compare but, even if you’re unhappy with the choice the devs make, you can cast your mind forward to the upcoming and anticipated Warzone 2.