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Warzone players uncover confusing Fully Loaded STG 44 ammo bug

Published: 6/Jan/2022 17:45

by Shay Robson


Warzone players have found a confusing bug with the STG 44 while using the Fully Loaded perk, which does not equip correctly with the right amount of reserve ammo.

Warzone players aren’t exactly unfamiliar with bugs, glitches, and exploits that can either make the game either absolutely hilarious or even more infuriating.

With the devs returning from their holiday break, players are hoping the bugs that have plagued the game over recent weeks are patched and balancing changes are made.

While the developers at Raven Software have acknowledged the “concerning” Double Barrel Shotgun meta, the latest bug that players are now hoping to be fixed stems from the STG 44, while using the fully loaded perk.


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In a January 6 Reddit thread, Warzone player NasEsco1399 reported that they’re experiencing a bug with the STG 44 that never receives fully loaded magazines, and instead gives them the amount of ammo they have for their SMG.

“I have been experiencing a weird bug. When I select my STG loadout I never receive my fully loaded ammo,” said NasEsco1399. “It’s always the amount on screen that my SMG has. So for example, if I have 100 SMG ammo when I get my loadout, that is always what my AR ammo shows and it will now allow me to pick up any AR ammo.


“When I bring my inventory screen up it says I have 210. If I drop my ammo and pick it back up it says I have 210. But my SMG ammo also goes to 210. It’s weird and has been going on since this update. I thought I was going crazy, but have had people spectating who was also confused.”

While this player thought they were going crazy, others responded to the thread assuring the player they’re not alone in this dilemma.

Fortunately, there is to a workaround according to another player: “Yes I have this too, I usually fix this with an ammo box.” However, the glitch may be more game-breaking than originally thought as your reserve ammo sometimes disappears according to the player: “Also when you have a gun with full ammo and you switch to something else, that reserve ammo is gone.”


It’s unclear exactly what causes the bug, but with the devs returning from their festive vacations, they’ll more than likely investigate and look to iron out all bugs that have been found over the holiday season.