Warzone players think in-game challenge is a late April Fool’s Day joke

overhead shot of rebirth island in cod warzoneActivision

A Warzone player couldn’t believe their eyes as one of their Daily Challenges was impossible to complete.

In the final week of Warzone Season 4, Raven Software experimented with a map rotation system. Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island rotated daily, keeping the experience fresh.

Warzone Season 5 began on August 24 and fully fleshed out the developers’ vision.

The first four weeks of Season 5 features a daily rotation of maps and modes from Mondays through Thursdays, and weekends focus on LTM.

Players blasted the new system and labeled it “dumb” for neglecting Rebirth Island in the map rotation.

Adding salt to the fresh wound, a new daily challenge requires players to play Rebirth Island…but they can’t.

Rebirth Island is no longer a prominent fixture in Warzone.

Warzone players pranked by Daily Challenge requirements

In Season 5, Rebirth Island is part of a weekday rotation and will not always be available to play daily.

A Warzone player attempted to complete their Daily Challenges, but one of them required to be completed on Rebirth Island, and the map was not available to play.

One player responded, “I truly believe this game has the most incompetent gaming development team in the world. It’s kind of impressive.”

A second user added, “this game feels like a beta sometimes,”

Several people tried to look on the bright side, and someone responded, “while I know it’s random, they should have planned for this! All good, though; it’s not that big of a deal.”

Raven Software said, “they will monitor sentiment” regarding the changes made. Warzone offers so many modes and maps, a rotation system makes sense, but complaints are piling up.