Warzone players stunned by secret change that gives Cluster Strikes aimbot

Warzone players stunned by secret change that gives Cluster Strikes aimbotActivision

Warzone players have seen a new era come with the Pacific update. However, a secret change to Cluster Strikes has fans shocked as they track you forever.

Killstreaks can play a huge role in a Warzone player’s path to victory as these can provide intel and even take some enemies out.

Purchasable at Buy Stations, streaks can be found from high-tier loot like Red Doors, these streaks are very powerful.

One of the strongest, the Cluster Strike seems to have received a massive change and the devs never made note of it.

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Cluster StrikeActivision
Players can call in a Cluster Strike to rain down on a marked location.

Warzone players shocked by secret Cluster Strike change

The battle royale has changed quite a bit with the Warzone Pacific update, but apparently not every change has been mentioned by Raven Software.

Warzone players have noticed that Cluster Strikes have been quite powerful ever since the new season started as they never seem to miss.

In a tweet posted by a player, you can see that they ran a great distance away from the strike with the stim mechanic, but still were downed from the missiles.

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LensEffect said that they feel that clusters can’t be outrun anymore and are locking on to them no matter how far.

Warzone pro and the game’s highest earner, Tommey chimed in, agreeing with the claim that the streak was secretly changed.

Before, when a cluster was called in, the missiles would only track a player for a limited distance. But now players are claiming that this deadly streak is raining firing and locking onto you no matter how much you try to get away.

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This means that in the late game, Cluster Strikes are extremely valuable as there already isn’t a lot of space to run around in.

There was no mention of this change in any of the Warzone patches and members of the community were shocked that this was even implemented.

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