Warzone players still desperate for equipment & grenade buffs in Caldera

Connor Bennett
warzone frag grenade

Call of Duty: Warzone players are still desperate for some buffs and changes to their equipment, especially when it comes to smoke grenades. 

With Warzone constantly being updated and tweaked, some of the most-requested changes from fans end up making their way into the battle royale before long.

Over the last two years, fans have managed to get overpowered weapons tuned down, they’ve seen killstreaks undergo a few overhauls, and even been able to get character skins changed because they’ve been too difficult to spot.

Despite that, some calls for changes have still gone under the radar. That includes buffs for the different tactical equipment that you can choose to get a leg up in gunfights, with many fans wanting smoke grenades to get some love.

A smoke grenade in Warzone's loadout menus
The smoke grenade, while perfect for flanks, isn’t too popular in Warzone.

Warzone fans like Equivalent_Minimum94 reignited calls for a smoke grenade buff, suggesting that its current size when deployed is simply too small to be effective on Caldera.

“It was designed around multiplayer, where it works fine. But in Caldera, like Verdansk, the map is just far too big and the smoke grenade has a far too small area of effect,” they said. “Doubling it’s radius and making it last 50% longer would be very helpful to squads.”

Plenty of players agreed with the suggestion, noting that other battle royales like PUBG have made smoke grenades imperative if you want to win. One fan even suggested a smokescreen killstreak. “Having a defensive/tactical option like this could lead to some interesting plays and help counter gatekeeping on rotations,” one added.

Other players piggybacked off those ideas with calls for changes to other pieces of equipment. “They need to buff every non-stun tactical (besides heartbeat obviously), or just nerf stuns,” commented one player, claiming that stuns make other grenades “totally inferior.”

Obviously, some players are able to make their equipment work, but bringing them all up to a similar level would increase the variety and make Warzone a little more tactical. Though, we’ll have to wait and see if Raven decides to do anything.