Warzone players split over Gulag’s most “annoying” feature


Call of Duty: Warzone players are divided by one of the Gulag’s most irritating features – stun grenades – and whether Infinity Ward should look at removing them entirely.

Infinity Ward’s venture into the battle royale genre has garnered over 30 million players within its first 10 days. 150 player lobbies, an innovative in-game economy system and a fresh take on respawning — the developers certainly pulled out all of the stops.

However, it is the latter (more specifically the Gulag) which has players vexed. Warzone’s first ditch attempt at respawning, where players go head-to-head in an intense gunfight to the death, has sparked debate about a basic feature.

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Gunfight in Warzone's Gulag.Infinity Ward
Gunfights in the Gulag are some of the most intense you’ll come across in Call of Duty.

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The issue that has got Warzone’s players arguing, is whether stun grenades should be permitted in the Gulag whatsoever.

Players spawn with a random loadout, typically designed for close-quarters combat. And in such a small area, players are becoming increasingly frustrated that stuns are included within the Gulag meta.

A simple search on the Warzone subreddit shows that plenty of players are against the inclusion of the feature. One Reddit user even claimed that it is a “death sentence as soon as it hits you” in their post.

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Another player claimed that their use in the Gulag requires “no skill” by protesting that throwing stun grenades revolves entirely around luck.

Although Tigermanner raised a valid point, some within the community were quick to defend the use of stun grenades, such as one Redditor who commented on the post stating: “See I’m okay with grenades and claymores, since a grenade is easily dodgeable.”

While in another post on the subreddit, plenty were quick to throw stun grenades under the proverbial bus, with one player commenting: “My main gripe is just stuns; if I get stunned there’s nothing I can do. I literally can’t look around or anything for like five seconds. Remove stuns and Gulag is a million times better.”

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GuyOw aptly summarized their thoughts on their typical Gulag interaction, while also expressing their frustrations with the meta. “I understand having a grenade to flush out camping, but [right now] it feels like the first person to throw their stun wins.”

On the same side of the fence, another player insisted that stuns were “too strong” in the Gulag, which seemed to reiterate the general consensus (after receiving 92% upvotes), with a fellow Redditor agreeing and labeling their use as “annoying.”

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It appears that the use of stun in the Gulag has the vast majority of the Warzone community divided — with some advocating their use, while others are calling for Infinity Ward to take action.

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The votes are in: Stuns out!

Call of Duty players have spoken… Stuns should be removed from Warzone’s Gulag. A whopping 9,070 votes saw a landslide 70% of the Battle Royale’s players voting against stuns — which echoes the thoughts of plenty in the Warzone subreddit.

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