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Warzone players split on Rebirth Island health & TTK changes in Season 3

Published: 31/May/2022 13:23

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have been a bit divided over the new health changes, especially on Rebirth Island, with some labeling it as “annoying” for changing the pacing of matches. 

Both the initial Season 3 update and the mid-season Reloaded patch have changed Warzone in quite significant ways as players have had to ditch some of their favorite weapons and alter their playstyles.

One of the biggest changes across both updates came during the mid-season patch, with Raven Software increasing health in all modes not named Iron Trials – giving players the base health of 150 rather than 100.

Naturally, the massive change has gone down a hit with some players, but left some fans pretty annoyed – especially when it comes to games on Rebirth Island.


Warzone gameplay
Some players have repeatedly asked for health to be increased in Warzone.

Warzone stats guru JGOD ran a poll on Twitter focused on how the health change has impacted Rebirth Island games. As of writing, 64% of players are pleased by the change, but the 36% that aren’t are pretty vocal in their opposition.

“Huge L Bro. Rebirth is meant to be fast-paced and high-action,” said one. “It’s annoying really.” Another player noted that they believe it’s an “L” because players now “camp more” in matches.

“I feel like it’s messed with the overall flow of the game and made it even easier for 4 stackers,” said another frustrated fan.

The YouTuber himself is in favor of the change, saying: “I personally like it a lot. Rewards accuracy and less likely to just get insta-deleted.” He’s not alone with that take either.


“Anything that raises TTK is better,” agreed one player. “I hate getting killed by someone crouching in the corner.” Another stated: “Love it, rewards skill rather than just who shoots you in the back the fastest.” While another fan added: “I’m happy if it means I don’t die before I even know I’m being shot.”

There are plenty of players who want the developers to increase weapon magazine sizes and certain damage ranges with regards to SMGs to adjust to the new health, though, only Raven can make a call on that.